pink baby chandelier

Good Lighting on Pink Chandelier

We believe that there are many designs of chandelier lamp. Today, this lamp is available in various colors, one of which is pink chandelier. At a glance, this chandelier lamp seems to be girly, feminine, and cute. This can represent so but actually any colors you choose, we need to test whether or not the modern cute chandelier can light properly just like other common chandelier lamps. This is true […]

outdoor chandelier ideas

Choosing Outdoor Chandelier

Chandelier lamps are identical with indoor or interior decoration of a house. Who says so? Time flies and many things happen. Chandelier is not only used in indoor anymore. This can be set up in your garden also or other outdoor or exterior part of the house. Although outdoor part seems to have large size and free to put it, actually we need some things to consider before applying outdoor […]

pink locker chandelier

DIY Project: Steps to Create a Locker Chandelier

A locker chandelier is a good idea for your children’s room. Unfortunately, the expensive cost to buy locker chandelier makes some parents think twice to buy it. If you are in such position, then you should cancel your plan to buy that thing for your children. We will guide you to make the more efficient one for your beloved. This is more efficient in money, time, and energy. Below are […]

white mini chandelier

How to Choose the Spot for Hanging Mini Chandelier

Lamps are one of important things at home. Without the lights, the house will be dark and scary. The kinds of lamp vary. The most unique one is called chandelier. Many people must not have surprised of this kind of thing. There are many kinds of chandelier. They are separated by size. In this brief article, we will guide to choose one of chandeliers which have the smallest size among […]

modern antler chandelier

Rustic Antler Chandelier

Unexpected light will be shown by antler chandelier. This is the rustic light you will have with original antler or just an imitation. I love this kind of the chandelier, because it comes with unique features that you will hang it for the certain rooms, such as living room, dining room and more. If you look for the antique stuff for your room decoration, this chandelier antler will be great […]